It is obvious that w provide a free estimate. So, by placing a call at
773 306 8121 and setting up a first meeting with our representative you are not binding yourself with any financial obligation.

The following is a usual scenario (in bullet points) that takes place when a new-client relationship is begun:

1.   773 – 306 8121 call is placed by a new customer

2.   A convenient to you, free-estimate meeting is scheduled

3.   During the meeting your home cleaning profile that contains all your special instructions is created. It takes usually somewhere between ½ hour to 1 hour.

4.   A rough price range is presented to you

5.   A special, first “cleaning service appointment” is set-up.

6.   A first cleaning service is provided. This allows us to present you with a responsible offer concerning regular weekly or bi-weekly service (time-frame and price), as well as it gives you an opportunity to see us in action and recognize our quality level. 

7.   A decision is made by you. If “yes”, a schedule is confirmed. If “no”, we “kill ourselves” regretting that we won’t have a pleasure to work with you and for you starting now. Then we learn from experience to be better and we look forward to have another chance with you in the near future!